Hi! My name is Amanda Putnam. I am a single mom of 6 children. I work as many hours as my employeer will allow me to work. But I have fallen behind on my property taxes. Each year I plan to use my income tax money to pay them but something has come up each time. My vehicle is literally on its last leg. I have to put air in my back right tire every couple hours or it goes completely flat and sits on rim. I actually have to use my lunch break at work to run and out air in the tire. I am doing everything I can to keep my head above water but these taxes are constantly over my head. Each pay day I have to decide whether food on the table and power is more important or to put the money towards the taxes. Of course food on the table and power comes first. I have a disabled son that requires 24/7 supervision so child care for him while I'm at work is also killing my pocket. Thank goodness I do own my home but I am going to loose it for good if I do not get some type of help. This is my last resort. I do not EVER ask anyone for help. I always try to help others when I can. But right now I am the one desperately needing the help. This is the only home my children have ever known. They have ALWAYS been in a stable environment and I'm terrified of the thought of having to loose our home and the kids being bounced from one rental home to the next. If ANYONE can find it in their heart to help save our home PLEASE help me. I PROMISE to pay it forward. If you would like to make a direct payment to the tax collector your more than welcome to do that as well. I would actually rather you do thst instead of putting it on here. I am not computer savvy. I have prayed and orayed and prayed for help with this and I pray someone out here finds it in their heart to help us. Thank you SO much in advance