Need prayers and financial help!

*Update on our family*

We closed out revival tonight in Wray, GA. Some of the most precious people on earth. We love them dearly. They've been so faithful to support revival even with all the chaos. God gave us a wonderful meeting.

Looks like, due to cancellations, we are grounded out until at least Easter Sunday. We are heart broken.

I have a root canal finish up and crown on Monday. Then heading home Tuesday, the Lord willing. It's nearly a thousand mile trip. We will probably have to make the entire trip non-stop due to shut down. We dread it!!

Tears fill my eyes as I write this! I feel like I'm conceding defeat by going home but we have no choice. This is the call God gave me/us. It isn't a hobby or a part time job. It is what we do and who we are. We are broken hearted about all the cancellations and shut downs.

We are in church around 300 to 325 times a year. It's our life! A lot of people don't understand the weight and burden of the call of Evangelism.

We don't have businesses or side jobs or supplemental income. We only live of the Gospel. No meetings means no income whatsoever for us. It isn't just about money, our hearts break with grief at churches being closed.

At best, our time is very short to work for God and reach people. Losing a few weeks seems small to some people but it seems like a lifetime to us. Even our children have cried and been distraught because they have such a burden for the ministry.

Please pray for us to have direction and protection from God. Pray this thing is over soon and we are "back in the saddle".

We love and appreciate each one of you. You all are special to us.
God bless all of you!
Bro. Justin, Sis. Jennifer and family.