Hello, Everyone! 
I'm glad you stopped by to view my request. 
In 2015, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, I was 55 years of age. I felt good, was working, and had good pay and medical benefits. I was laid off at the end of December 2017.  Although I looked healthy, I wasn't feeling healthy.  Soon depression visited me and we became good friends. Due to my now ex-husband's crack coccaine habit, stress and depression worsened. I divorced him in April 2018, and my mom and I moved in with my children to keep him away from me. After that, I started feeling better and did things with my family. Recently, though, an old problem resurfaced. Periodontal gum disease started bothering me. I developed an abscess due to a bad tooth, and although I went to the clinic and was given penicillin, the pain only subsided but didn't completely leave.  Aside from that, my mouth aches all the time. The bone loss has made my teeth really protrude, and because of that, I have a hard time pronouncing words, and my lips are always cut, which makes me have to peel them and thus the pink color of my lips. My fear is infection or bacteria getting into my bloodstream. I have been quoted upwards to 62k for mouth work, and they printed a picture of how it would look. It would look like me, as it seems I don't know who the person's reflection is in the mirror I see anymore. I wish I had gotten braces back when I had insurance. In any event, I don't really expect for people to be too sympathetic, but if it wasn't for the constant throbbing pain and difficulties I now have when speaking, and the need to get this bacteria out of me, I would be okay with it. I hope someone understands. I have 15 grandkids to live for and enjoy, and I'm hoping I can!

Also, because of my heart condition and the depression, I have not worked but a few hours out of the month. I'm presently looking into disability benefits. I hear it's a long process, but God....