As our charity has grown, there have become more opportunities than ever to use the tools we've been given to impact the world in powerful ways. As many know, our organization takes 0% from donations in our Giver Army and our Care & Relief Campaigns (our two largest efforts), allowing for the most significant level of nonprofit transparency and for the greatest impact from every donation.

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How can we run if we don't take any fees? has generously made this possible by covering processing fees and helping fund some of our projects, but the need for more tools is constantly growing. Now more than ever, the world has become relatively small in our eyes as the needs become great. With more resources, we can amp up our efforts and create even more effective ways to impact people facing crisis. 

We've set up this fund for those who believe in our mission and want to directly impact our organization by funding our growth. Growth for our organization doesn't look like bigger paychecks for our directors, but it’s an opportunity to get our causes out there on a grander scale, allowing us to find and impact even more people in need. 

Join us in making an impact!