My Daughter will be turning 10 in May and her dream is to go to a BTS concert luckily my bestfriend was able to get us tickets but we still need help funding the trip because we are driving . 
I recently lost everything so I had to send my Daughter to Texas while I got myself back stable (unfortunately) 8 months later I had to use all my savings to go rush down there and get her it took everything I had ... because I found out she was being mentally abused by my family and being isolated and told no one cares about her or loves her and it really broke her , and Funny thing is she believed them it took me almost 1 month to get her to understand I never stopped loving her and I saved and saved and was almost ready to bring her back home ... but that happened luckily I had enough saved to get a room to rent and Go rescue her . I drove 14hrs straight to bring her home . So please I'm asking from the bottom of my heart help me make her dream come true . BTS saved my daughter. They kept her spirits intact .