The Lord has radically altered the course of our lives. In 2017 He asked us to sell our home and move into a 5th wheel trailer. Over the course of 3 years He would slowly work on us to free up our time and things that were holding us down to pursue full time missions work with Him as full-time mercy missionaries. In 2019 we attended disaster response training in Virginia through C.R.I. (

Since finishing the training, Greg has deployed to Puerto Rico to assist in roof repair for the residents still in need from the hurricane several years ago. We also were on the grand Bahama island for 2 months as a family working to rebuild a couple of the homes there from Huricane Dorian. Sadly, we had to leave the island due to COVID, but CRI does plan on returning to finish building the homes there at some point. 
Kate has also deployed to Chatanooga, Tennessee spring 2020 for the tornado that hit. 
With every deployment we are humbled and privelaged to be able to bring the Kingdom of God to people in crisis, to pray, and to share the Gospel with the people that we encounter. 

Your support enables us to pursue future missions and deployments that the Lord calls us to. This is our full-time Kingdom "job"!

We are so grateful to be apart of the Lord's work! And we are so grateful for gracious donors like you that have helped us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in times where people are desperate for Him. May the Lord bless you abundantly for your beautiful sacrifice!!

Please follow us!!