Hi my name is Jennie Ferneau I am from Marshalltown, Iowa. I appreciate you reading my story and hope you will donate every bit helps! 

Before I begin I am in therapy, and need some financial help. My therapist said to try here first and go from there. 

Back in 2018 my husband, Bret, and I found out we were expecting identical twins. We left the ob’s office overwhelmed. We found out our twins were 1 in 10,000. They were called mono-mono twins meaning they shared the same sac and placenta. I told them to not leave anything out even if it was bad. The twins had a 50/50 chance of survival. We were very nervous and scared, but we decided to put it in God’s hands and to try to enjoy the pregnancy..

My ob referred me to a neonatal specialist who specializes in this type of pregnancy. Starting at 12 weeks I had to go to the specialist every week. It was about 45min to the office and back. This is when it got tough with medical bills, gas, and missing work. About 14 weeks we found out the sex (who knew you could do that with a blood test?) they were boys!! Again beat those odds because most mono-mono twins are girls 75%! 

At 17 weeks I found out we lost baby A, but baby B survived the passing of A which was a huge deal! My specialist in Des Moines immediately sent me and my husband to Minnesota to see if they could do a small procedure to save baby B. Unfortunately after an hour long ultrasound they determined the risk of cutting baby A’s umbilical cord was way to risky because the cords were wrapped together and they didn’t feel comfortable that they wouldn’t cut baby B’s in the process...I found out the umbilical cords are very thin. We left with a lot of questions, concerns, and mentally exhausted. We continued our prayers that baby B would be ok..

19 weeks! The worst day of our lives. Aug. 22 I went in for my weekly checkup and baby B had passed. They had me go to Methodist hospital in Des Moines to deliver the twins the next day. They were amazing! My angel babies were born Aug. 23, 2018! We had them cremated and the ashes of both babies are in both urns. The hospital was nothing short of amazing during the most difficult time of our lives! The expenses of the cremation, medical bills, gas, and time lost has really caught up to us. We did get pregnant again in Dec. 2018, however, god had different plans and also took that baby. 

Bret and I would love to get caught up with medical bills from the angel babies, and start trying again! 

God bless, 

Bret and Jennie