CHRIST FOR PRESIDENT Election Fraud Addendum III

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      I. For GRAIL KING'S Hits on 9/11/2001AD as to the DAY OF JUDGEMENT,
         Three Hours BEFORE & DURING the 9/11 Wtc Attacks
      II. Make your 20% Commission, 5$, relaying this link, cost $25:
Send $25 US Money Order to Caoimhghín Mag Fhloinn PO. BOX 721 Saranac Lake, N.Y. 12983.
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4. = in latin: ''saeclorum nascitur ordo', under usurpation attack with the 'Novus Ordo Saelclorum'
reference on the Great Seat of the US $1 Fed note. Point: The 'End of Time' appears to be May 1998AD to
September 7th, [Star of Bethlehem of Bethlehem, .... Bethlehem = House of Bread = Virgo] 2001AD the
Year A.L. Point: I being thus the SUN God Apollo facing off with the Rev. 9:11 King of the Abyss, apollyon,
[the SUN GOD Apollo at night] ... JUST as detailed in Fairy mythology where the two SOLAR DEITIES
face off at the Winter Solstice in the Mabinogion ...