This is Mary. She use to tell everyone "as soon as I can get my girls grown and out of school, me and James (her husband) are going to take a trip to Hawaii". See, Mary's uncle (Marvin Lee Ferguson) had been killed on the USS California during the the attacks on Pearl Harbor.  She has wanted to go find his name on the memorial wall for as long as I can remember.

Just after her last daughter graduated high school, her husband (James) was diagnosed with lung Cancer. Just three months before her daughter's college graduation, James passed away. Mary didn't mention Hawaii again for about 15 years. 

Two years ago, she made the comment that she had always wanted to go to Hawaii to see the memorial, but that dream died when James left her here. This lady has given to her community, her church and her family for her entire life. It was at that moment that I decided to do whatever I possibly could to get her to Hawaii before her time on this earth has passed. Give back to her  just a tiny bit of what she has given out through the years.

Those pictures were taken several years ago. Mary will be 75 on December 12th. Since those pictures were taken, she has had a stroke and underwent surgery to clear out plaque in one of her carotid arteries. She almost didn't come out of anesthesia and the surgery was so painful, she refuses to have the opposite side cleared. The lack of Oxygen to her brain is causing her memory to fail her a little more everyday and she is still at a high risk for another stroke. She has developed Cataracs and her eyesight will progressively get worse and she has degenerative joint issues. Her lower spine has deteriorated and left a deformity that is pinching her sciatic nerve. This causes her to be in constant pain. Even with the nerve blocks being done as often as possible, it only makes the pain tolerable for a couple of weeks before it comes back again. 

In the 2 years since deciding to try and make Mary's dream trip become a reality, I have worked two jobs. I work from 8am-1am Monday through Friday, and I have put back everything I could. I finally got enough to call the travel agent and have her book the trip. My intention was to surprise her with it on her 75th Birthday this year (December 12). Less than a month ago, a storm came through my town and blew a tree over on a portion of my house. Everyone was ok and I am blessed that more damage wasn't done, but I did have to use $2000.00 of Mary's trip money to pay my home owner's deductible and another $2000.00 for certain damages my insurance didn't cover.

I wouldn't have a problem waiting for another year to do this, but I honestly don't think Mary will be able to enjoy the trip if I did. If she does enjoy it, how long will she be able to remember it. Also, nobody was promised tomorrow, much less another year. I would never be able to forgive myself if I came this far but couldn't make this trip happen for her.

I need $4000.00, but I am only asking for help with half that amount. I will make this promise to everyone who donates. If I manage to make more than the $2000.00 before December 12-2019, I will find a TRUELY needy family and make sure they have all the gifts and food they need to have a wonderful Christmas. If there is money still, I will find a second family....

If you will include your email address, I will keep you updated on what the money is being used for, complete with pictures.

I would like to go ahead and thank everyone  who may decide to help with my mission in advance. Every little bit helps and is so very much appreciated.