Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I have been in pain for years (over 10). I have been to every hospital and GYN doctor in Virginia. Doctors refused to take my claims of pain seriously. They had medical evidence that something was wrong,yet they ignored me.  All routine  tumor markers came back normal(make note of this) . After 10 years of being ignored I decided to commit suicide because living in pain was no longer bearable. My spouse rushed me to the hospital. There they evaluated me and decided to take my claims seriously. They didn't emergency surgery because the mass that has been growing for 10 years had started to hemorrhage. Two weeks after that surgery I received an emergency call to come in. I went in and they told me pathologies came back and I have ovarian cancer (GCT)     They then checked my inhibin A and B (non routine tumor markers) which came back 893 and normal is 10. My family and I have been through seven surgeries so far and I can't afford treatment. I can't even afford the medications. Cancer has ruined my body, my finances and much more. My children are suffering because I can not support them financially right now. We continued to go without. No car, no hot water, no heat , no electricity at times. Things keep getting shut off because we are struggling financially. If I don't pay for the blood thinners then I get a blood clot. Every time I have called myself stopping the medication. I developed a pulmonary embolism. So I can't keep picking and choosing whether to pay for meds or pay for food and electric. We are in desperate need of help. Please God has kept me thus far. We just need a little help. Thank you for reading. Any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless.