Hello Brothers and Sister of Christ.
I come to you today asking for the help and support of a goal i am trying to come.togther with for the community. I am trying to help people in their time of need and also give back to the people that need and deserve it. As you all know the homeless, drug crisis, accidents, disasters etc in the world. In reference i would like to create somewhat of a safe house for anyone in need. It is not only my #1 goal but my mission for our people to create a safe haven. I want people to feel welcome i want them to come to my resources and solve answers to their problems. Now days you have all of these agapes thrift store houses etc. But isnt that supposed to be for ppl who are less fortunate and in need? I wantnto be able to provide natural resources for people who cannot provide for themselves at all. I want to be able to find employment for those who need it the most. Or warm baths so that they may be clean and hot meals in their stomache. A support systemn thats always there for them and a way for them to express themselves. Alltogether i want to offer shelter, food ,clothes ,a bed, assessories, resources etc it doesnt matter their color or their situation, sex, background etc. Everyone will be welcome. Absolutely free. Most people dont pay attention to anyone these days anymore or take their situation seriously. They would rather be judgemental and opinionated then actually listen. We are supposed to be for each other and love thy sister and thy neighbor as we love ourselves as well. Everyone should be equal. Nobody is perfect. We are all human and we fall short. We fall into obstacles that some cant get out of. Alot of people dont have anyone to run to. And i want them to always remember that they are never alone. Even when the world and society is cruel at times we will always have a safe haven. So if you can please find it in your hearts to support my cause and help making this world a better place. And i hope that it always pays forward to someone else. So please read my story and know i appreciate and thank you for your time and your beautiful heart that god gave you. We can help male a chance one at a time for the people. And may god bless you in whatever journeys you may be in life. In hopes that you only prosper in his love. Amen.