I had 2 emergency visits to the hospital one night when my wife, Sierra, found my in bed in extreme pain. I was experiencing the worst migraine ever. 

I dont remember her coming home. I remember the lights in the emergency room filling my eyes with white. The first visit I was given a "migraine concoction" that eased the pain but still sensitivity was painful to sounds, movements and lights. I was placed next to another patient and in a not so quiet area of the ER. 

After being home for about half an hour my wife was rushing me back to the hospital. The doctor who diagnosed me then was shocked at the choice of the previous doctor who had given me fentanyl and left me in a very loud bright room. He administered a new migraine concoction and a no light no sound room, that put me to sleep. After hours under observation and examination I woke again. Still in pain but much less and bearable. A was kept to ensure that the unbearable pain would not return. I was sent home once I truly felt I was able to handle basics of life. 

Thankful to God I wasn't admitted for a hospital stay. I was prescribed strong medication. One being an antipsychotic to help ease my brains activity. I had over worked, stressed and exhausted my body. The timing of my wifes arrival from work to home was certainly the lord's doing. I was nearing an aneurysm. 

Even with the blessing of timing the bill still came. We were served a subpoena for 2926 and still have nearly $14,000 coming from our newborns birth expense. We only want help to cover any garnishment so we can pay toward the bills that havent been to collections. 

Anything will help us. We barely have enough left to fill the pantry or fridge. We have Medicaid for our boys and my wifes insurance ends her next birthday in apriI shes had through her mom. My job provides my health insurance. We both work hard and make to much for government assistance. We had to take a loan to cover previous medical costs from my other medical issues. Our car was nearing its end and with a growing family we needed to replace it. 

Rent 775
consolidation loan 400
Car 525
Medical 237- working with financial assistance 
utility 300

Not much left after