The establishment of this scholarship was a call for  “A Beautiful Mind Not Wasted”honoring the memory of my beloved mother whom departed with the Alzheimer Disease. My mom a caretaker, performer, vocalist and used her talents to perform for the Pope , National Anthem for the Spurs and graces her potrayal of Harriet Tubman for over 25 years.  Your donation for her memorial scholarship will allow undergraduate medical students , researchers, and nurses to study at the University of the Incarnate where my mom graduated and this donation will allow students to study and become more aware of how to alleviate this disease and it’s effects on the mind.  Alzheimer’s disease has plagued many in fheceirjd and whatever impacts one directly impacts all indirectly. The organization’s mission is designed to help others become consciously aware of connecting with humanity. Your charitable contributions will allow fir the pursuit of new innovative and promising scientific paths that can lead to better outcomes for people living with the Alzheimer’s disease and, one day soon an end to this devastating disease.
      This scholarship will allo students to comple hours in various facilities to volunteer, observe , and assist in uplifting residents that are suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well as aid in stimulating a drive that will allow students to comprehend the natural world and process what these residents see and feel daily .  Your donations are like a pebble thrown into the pond and everyone feels the ripple of it’s effects. 
     In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals , businesses and the community. Any size able donation will help toward this scholarship. 
Please encourage others to donate and your support is critical to the completion of this project and the site of the progress of donations. I am thankful God put this in my heart to honor my mother, Annie Ruth Statham, whom gave her life making others happy by giving of her talents, love, and beautiful mind to others.
Sincerely ,
Donna Marie Gordon
Organization Chair
Annie Ruth Statham (Harriet Tubman) I Care Memory Scholarship