The company is for carrying out detailed feasibility analysis for setting up a manufacturing unit in Ethiopia for the production of gypsum board / gypsum panel which are extensively used in the construction industry.

Abbichuu Gypsum Board Campony, Which is a professional gypsum cornice manufacturing enterprise, focusing on building construction and home decoration. Our factory is the gypsum decorative manufacturing, which has been long-term focusing on the cornice products of independent and all type of gypsum cornice manufacture.

Our main products are:

 High quality gypsum cornice, high quality gypsum ceiling tiles with aluminium accessories, Gypsum board with galvanized steel channel, Drywall partition with Track and Stud, Aluminium ceiling tiles, etc. Our products are characterized not only by fire proof, water-proof, mould-proof, high strength, light weight, noise-proof, aging-resistant and weather-resistant, also with an aesthetic ornamental result of elegance and perfection, we are always focusing on innovating and improving, now have gradually developed into a diversified enterprise with a marketing as the leading, taking independent research, design, manufacture, sales and installation as a whole.

Abbichuu Gypsum Board Company will always devote ourselves to the ceiling industry, make a huge contribution to the development of architectural decoration industry, always providing first class products, superior service to our customers from home and abroad and engineering project. We are willing to work together hand in hand with other-company, side by side into the brilliant tomorrow!