Senior citizens are on a fixed income. Everyone knows that. Now I am a caregiver for my uncle Richard for 8 years and I moved him into the home next to where I live. Mostly for convience because I also need to work and help my 83 yr old mom. My dad passed in April 18 but he was living with me (another reason I moved his brother closer) my uncle has been here for 3 years and it's great because the landlord remodeled the row house to fit his needs. Now the landlord wants to sell the house due to employment far away. He is willing to sell it to Richard and we have completed programs for 1st time home buyers and have up to $10000. Available from program for closing costs. We found a lender but the problem is he needs $3000 because his credit is not good enough. (It's not bad. It's just non existent ) I pay cash or card for everything and there are no large purchases to establish credit. Landlord needs to sell house by mid August and he can't afford to move back into senior apt and my house is not good for him. He can not climb stairs to get to bedroom and bath.