I am a 61 year old man. My partner and I have lived in a home for 22 years. I am about to apply for social security early. She still works but I not so much. We don't have much savings. The home was recently sold to a house flipper at auction. We have been asked to leave soon,or face eviction. We are selling our possession and working as fast as possible to find a place to live. Our children are grown but we have our pets that are our children. We have rented from a business owned by a man and woman. They have a family trust and LLC company that owns homes for rent. After learning that he has taken our rent for four and a half years and not paid his loan or taxes he foreclosed on the home we live in and it was sold,we are being asked to leave. We need your financial assistance to either negotiate to buy our home or relocate. If it is possible to for you to help us we will pass on your assistance to someone else at some point in our lives.