Im trying to raise money to get my 19 year old son in a secure, safe inpatient rehabilitation center. I have no medical insurance for him nor does he have any for himself so facilities that would meet his needs are not within our means. At the age of 17 my son's dad started smoking meth with him. Leading to a now 2 year battle of addiction that has taken my son down many roads in life no 19 year old boy should ever have to travel. I never thought for a moment my son would have such a nasty devil on his back controlling his life. Its hard as a mother to stand by and watch her son spiral outta control. My son has gotten himself involved in some scary situations where he could have been left for dead. My son met a couple grown 40+ year old men who reside in Michigan and they are using my son as a mule to push meth and other drugs from state to state. On a few occasions they had stripped my son naked, jumped him, leaving him with black eyes, broken nose, busted lip and no dignity, and stranded him in the middle of nowhere in Michigan with no means of contacting anyone or food or money to survive and told him to find a way back home to Wisconsin. They claim they did this to try and make a stronger man outta him. My son has called me on several occasions crying and pleading for help but im a single mother of 4 children counting him and 3 of which i take care of full time so my hands are tied on the amount of help i can give. I open my home but its not long before his dad and other negative people are talking him into leaving me and going back to them. I checked my son into treatment at 17 and his dad had went and removed him. My son wants to get away from here and really get help and doesn't feel he can reach that being in the area in which he can easily escape. And i agree. I made calls and the county said they couldn't guarantee an inpatient facility nor could they get him into one immediately for theres other steps that need to be taken first then funding needs to be found. And if it were found it would probably only be for an unsecured 30 day inpatient program. They can't help fund outta state. With no insurance places wont take us and im on social security trying to take care of 3 other kids bills and myself so funds are very limited if any. I can create a medical bill and put him in a 3 day detox but that's all it is, there is no support, groups, counciling or anything that goes with this. Its detox then back to the streets. Ive found some out of state inpatient 6 to 12 month faith based rehabs which i think would be amazing for him and he is willing to try in order to change his life but i don't have the means of transportation there or the "small fee" of $150 a month donation to help with food housing ect so here i am reaching out to ask that someone hear my cry out for help to save my son from the number one killer in the world and that being addiction. If you can't help financially i ask that you keep us in your prayers. For i know then our prayers wont go unheard. Please help me save my son before i lose him to the world of corruption death prison or even more into the hands of the devil. Thank you and god bless