For seven years Grant Me Hope has been advocating, educating and marketing the need for more foster parents and adoptive homes for the ever increasing number of children and teens making their way into the foster care system - especially those foster  children who are about to age out of the system alone and facing homelessness.

Today, we are aware there are at least EIGHT homeless aged-out foster children living in Holland, MI. One can only imagine the number of children who are unaccounted for, who are out there alone, homeless and living with little to no support. Knowing this, anyone who knows Grant Me Hope Founder Helen Zeerip would expect her to do something about it.

Housing everywhere is a challenge. There are not enough beds to support others experiencing homelessness, not to mention aged out foster children.

This is why Grant Me Hope will be embarking on a capital campaign.

Raising $1 million will enable Grant Me Hope to house homeless foster children who have aged out of the system and are alone. This capital campaign will fund two homes equipped with furnishings, appliances, and living essentials to include such things as kitchenware, beds and linens, and other daily living home and personal need items. The Grant Me Hope Homes will be supported by house parents who will reside in the home and serve as a loving, Christian support to these young adults.

The Grant Me Hope Homes will require that each resident have an individual plan that include goals and objectives based on the individual and their personal needs, gift sets and abilities.

Each member of the home will have the common goal of moving out on their own and becoming independent. They will have the confidence to do this knowing The Rock or the Grant Me Hope Girls Home will always be a place to call home, visit and to celebrate holidays and family time.