A Brighter Future For Kenyas Kids

Campaign Created by: Kelly Knecht

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kelly Knecht.

Goal: USD $50,000
Raised: USD $ 34,320
Join me on a journey to Nairobi, Kenya! We will be working together to create a bright future for the children of the Dream Centre. These children may have been abandoned by family,  but they have not been abandoned by God! It is our goal to provide quality Christian education that they would not be available to them in the overcrowded public schools. We believe that to become a productive citizen of any country,  you must have the proper tools. At Green Blooms Christian School we are endeavoring to provide that foundation of faith, biblical principals, and education. We desire our kids to have curious, creative minds and to think outside of the box, creating a better future for the country of Kenya. It begins with the children... please join us! 


Almost Christmas!
December 16, 2023
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We are so grateful to all of you for your continued support and prayers. We were able to clear all of our expenses in November and now we are halfway to what we need for Dec rent! We still need the second half of rent, salaries, and to finish phase 2 of painting. About $700 will cover those needs. If you are able to give any amount to help with these, they would be the best Christmas gift Kim and I could ever get! Thank you in advance! ❤️

Urgent need for November rent!
November 20, 2023
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Firstly, thank you all for your prayers and support! We can only do this because of YOU. ❤️

We still need about $250 to be able to take care of November rent. That doesn't include $150 for painting the outside of the school compound. In addition, we still need to take care of November staff salaries and then December rent and salaries. That's an additional $1400. Any help you can give during this holiday season is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! ❤️

End of year needs!
November 16, 2023
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Well we ended the school year in October with our kindergarten class graduation! There were 19 students graduating and it was a great time! 

Now schools are closed and we are struggling to pay the rent and salaries for November and December ($2000). We also need to repaint the outside of our school compound. Most immediate is the November rent. About $600 is needed and that amount will also help us start on the painting project! Any amount is appreciated!! We are so grateful to have so many people praying and supporting the work we are doing here in Kenya! Thank you! ❤️

Urgent help needed for school rent and food supplies!
August 16, 2023
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During this break between terms we are asking you to join with us in prayer. Our community parents are still delaying their payments and an amount we were expecting didn't come. The school rent is due on the 21st of this month and about $500 is still needed (this includes restocking our food for next term). We KNOW that God is a miracle working God!! He has done it before (just a couple weeks ago) and He can do it again!

If you are able to contribute to this amount,  Kim and I would really appreciate it! We are so grateful for your thoughts and prayers! ❤️

Term 2 ending
August 2, 2023
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As most of you are enjoying summer vacation, we have been experiencing "winter" during our second term of the school year! During this second term, we took our first ever school trip! The kids (and teachers) had so much fun!! Now we are at the time of paying monthly salaries again and we need your help. If you are able to give, even something small, we, and our staff, would greatly appreciate it. We also covet your prayers that the committee parents would clear their balances before the end of the term (next week). Thank you so much and God bless! ❤️

Help for teachers' salaries!
June 23, 2023
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We have fantastic teachers who are dedicated and hard working! 😍

Would you join us in praying that our community parents would be able to pay their fees in the next week? So far we need about $800 in order to have enough to pay monthly salaries.

The current economy has made things very difficult for everyone and we are beginning to feel that at our school as well. Your prayers are greatly appreciated, and if you are also able to give something toward teachers' salaries we would be extremely grateful. Many parents are telling us that their bosses are delaying in paying them and even the government has yet to pay their employees... For a few months now! 😳

We do not want to get behind in paying staff or rent, which is why we are asking for your help. Thank you in advance!❤️

April 14, 2023
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updateImage Hello everyone!We had a great start to the new school year at the end of January. Now our first term is about to end and we are in need of a bit of help.You might have seen in the news that there has been some political unrest in Kenya. Fortunately it hasn't been severe, but it has affected things like the economy. I believe this has also impacted our community families and their ability to pay school fees. Currently we need $400 more to be able to pay the rent for our school facility. If you can help with any amount of this, it would be greatly appreciated, while we continue to work with our community families to clear their balances. Our support rent must be paid before the 21st or a late fee of about $200 will be added.Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! ❤️

January 10, 2023
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Yesterday we were notified that we would not be receiving a payment of about $600 that was going to be put toward the school rent for this month (January). If you are able to help with all or any amount of this, we would appreciate it! (And we would also feel less stressed lol) 

Thank you in advance ❤️

Another Great Year!
November 28, 2022
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Thanks to all of your prayers and support, we have finished another school year! We ended the year with a total of 98 students!! 😍

Now we have a long break as grades 6,8, and 12 do their national exams. The new school year will begin on January 24th. This next school year will be the first one since we re-opened in 2021 to follow a more normal schedule. Did you know that we had almost 2 full school years in the space of one last year?!? It was a bit crazy!

Of course, during this 2 month break we still have to take care of paying our staff and the rent, so if you are able to help with something, even the smallest amount is appreciated! Other expenses that we are looking at are: paying the yearly licenses in January (about $500), painting some of the outside ($200), and we need to buy or have someone make more desks for our incoming grade 1 class which has 23 students!! 😁 (We don't have an estimate of that cost yet, but growth is definitely a happy expense!!)

We are very thankful for each and every one of you for being with us on this journey. Because of some very generous recent donations (you know who you are!) We are breathing a bit easier when we look at finances for this long break! THANK YOU for all you do!!! ❤️

Mid Break!
April 8, 2022
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I know these pics aren't very clear, but we were on the road. This is one of the many gas stations we passed the other day that was completely packed, as you can see. (Check the gallery for a pic and also one of PP2 graduation!) Earlier in the week there was a fuel shortage and people rushed to get fuel before it was gone. On Thursday, some places received fuel, but the cost had jumped from 135ksh to 159ksh per liter. That equates to $6.02 per gallon!!! 😳
That is just one example of how costs have increased in Kenya.... Meanwhile, our monthly personal as well as school support has dropped. We appreciate all of you who have been on this journey with us. Thank you for your prayers and support! ❤️🙏🏻

Update #6
February 18, 2022
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Well we\\'ve almost finished the 2021 school year here in Kenya...(thanks to covid messing up our school calendar)...

We will close school the first week in March and then have a 7 week break while grades 8 and 12 take their national exams!

During those 7 weeks we still have to pay our staff and of course rent, but we won\\'t be receiving payments from community parents for school fees. 

About $2500 is needed to keep things running during those 7 weeks.

Would you join us in praying that God miraculously provides during this time? Also, if you are able to make a financial comment, we would greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support!! ❤️

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 31, 2021
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I would like to take a moment and thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and support. We are only able to be here and have an open, running school because of YOU! 

We pray for and give thanks to God for each and every one of you....

As this year closes we give thanks for where we have come from and look ahead to where God is leading us! 

Every January the school has to renew licenses and certificates which usually costs about $500 in total, though with our increased enrollment, that will probably go up. If you are able to help us with any amount of that cost it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for journeying with us in this school project!!! ❤️



It's almost Christmas!!
November 30, 2021
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We have had a great year and love our new (to us) facility! The second term is almost finished and then we will break for 2 weeks to celebrate the holidays. There have been many new students to welcome, both from the 2 children's homes as well as the community. We currently have 42 students from 2 different children's homes and 33 students from the community... That's a lot!
If you feel led to give to our school, you will be helping to buy food for lunches as well as paying teachers and staff salaries!
Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

A new school year!
August 4, 2021
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Covid has changed many things about how we do education as well as our school year schedule. One thing that hasn't changed though is the smiles and making new friends! We are slowly gaining new students, so if you are able to help one time, or on a monthly basis with our facility rent of $1000/month, we would greatly appreciate it!!!

New facility, new opportunities!
February 25, 2021
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It's February, 2021 and we are in term 2 of school in a different building! We spent 9 months with schools closed and just before opening for term 2 in January, we were able to move to a bigger, better facility with a playground AND a public field across the street!
We're enjoying our new space but are still in need of financial assistance. With a larger space comes higher rent, so until we enroll enough students from the community, finances are still tight. But we are on the right track, because we have gained some new students who went to the school that was previously renting the facility!
Your help is greatly appreciated during this time of transition and growth!! 

3rd Term to Begin Soon!!
August 14, 2019
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In a few weeks we will be starting our third term of school! This will be our last term of our FIRST FULL YEAR!!! It has been a great beginning with 17 students from the children's home (Dream Centre) and 12 from the community! 
We would ask you to partner with us to cover the cost of rent and salaries for these last 4 months. We need $3200 and we have already received $250!!! This goal can be easily reached with all of us working together! 
Remember, our goal is to provide free, QUALITY education for children who have been rescued from abandonment...some have even been rescued as infants from the local dump here in Nairobi, Kenya!
Thank you in advance for your support!!!


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