I have recently been mightily touched by the Lord and had an encounter that changed my life forever! My insatiable hunger to know the Lord more has led me to this 21 Project. During this I will be taught in greater measures to go deeper in the Lord and His word. My heart yearns to be able to encourage others to grow closer with the Lord and experience his passionate love He has for each one of us. The money raised will be able to help me with tuition, housing, food, and airfare. By donating, you will be able to assist me and my hearts desire to share God with others. I long for more of Jesus. I do not want to sit quiet and keep to myself the wonders of God. The works he has done in my life can happen in others as well. This trip is full of encouragement and leadership skills to enhance what I have already found. 
Thank you all so much for anything you are able to give. Even if you're unable to donate, encouragement and standing behind me in prayer is just as valuable.