Thank you for supporting the GHC students & families! Granada Hills Charter plans to deny in-person graduation on June 2 to 70 seniors, including special-needs students, & 8th grade culmination on June 3.  GHC will rob kids of this once-in-a-lifetime honor & celebration, all because of GHC's shot mandate, which Los Angeles Unified dropped, and which exists nowhere else we know of (except New West Charter in LA!!). Our GHC Parents United group has been trying every way we can to raise public awareness to join us in opposition and telling the GHC Governing Board that this cannot stand.  THANK YOU for hearing us.  No matter what happens on June 2 -- if our children are allowed to join their friends & walk that stage or not -- we will be throwing these kids the best graduation party we can.  The GHC mascot is the Highlander. To quote William Wallace, the most famous Highlander, of Braveheart fame:  "It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom."  Thank you for supporting families' FREEDOM TO CHOOSE and the students' FREEDOM TO WALK in their own graduation ceremonies. 💚💚💚