Street LIFE Ministries 2 PROJECTS serving in NYC

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Goal : USD $30,000
Raised : USD $ 31,570

Street LIFE Ministries has 2 major and urgent needs:

1. Our water and sewage pipes in basement and driveway need to be replaced IMMEDIATELY. They are over 110 years old and broken badly in a few areas.  We are also in need of an outside check valve as our property is the lowest on the block and despite the inside check valve installed, we still are at risk of sewage backup in big rainstorms.  Through the years, we have taken steps to correct these and other problems with the old system.

2. We need an entire bathroom done. After a pipe broke, we had severe water damage so it was completely gutted, cleaned and ready for a complete makeover - pipes/electric, the works.

Both projects will cost about $30,000. WILL YOU  PRAY AND BE WILLING TO SOW into these 2 projects as unto the Lord? Every dollar counts and all funds will be used wisely for these projects.

We are trusting God for all the funds required to come in and start the the projects  RIGHT AWAY, before the Outreach Teams arrive the end of March!  It is more than a house as it has been a place to  challenge countless individuals with a message of the "kingdom" of serving the poor and homeless, neighbors, family, and friends.  Many teams have stayed here for their missions trip. We prepare the food that goes out to the streets for the homeless.  The food, clothing donations, care packs for the needy, and bibles and tracts are all stored here.  It has been a place of prayer, worship, and teaching of God's Word.  The guest house in the rear has housed the Street LIFE Ministries staff and different individuals and families who have needed a temporary dwelling through the years.  So it may be a building but it is so much more!

Thank you all so very much,

for the King and Kingdom

David Van Fleet



Thanks to GRATEFUL!
March 27, 2018
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We are so blessed by the response of so many of you to help with these unexpected repairs.  We are so humbled as offerings came in to meet the goal.  In response to volunteers, we were happy to have Peter Dupont from Church of the King in NH (sent by the church) to come for the week to put in the flooring and then walls.  Peter does drywalling so he masterfully finished that job for us.  And then Mike, Arnie, and Brad were sent here from Church of the Savior in Ohio to lay down the Durock on the floors and the bath walls followed by tiling.  They slaved away from Thursday till early Monday morning up until the time they departed.  They were determined to get the grouting done as well.  We are so thankful for these men who sacrificed their time and energy to give of their talents as an offering unto the Lord.  We have another friend planning to come to carry on the work on the bathroom project for which we are appreciative!
For the bathroom there remains painting, molding, trim, placement of medicine cabinet, toilet, vanity, and lighting.  If you want to volunteer (even for a day), we welcome all help!  
We have other projects that really need attention but we need "mission builders" or skilled volunteers if you are able!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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