A Home for Desperate Families   

Hello! We are New Hope Fellowship Church, a multi-ethnic, multi-national Christian congregation committed to loving God and our neighbors in need.

We are located in Alexandria (Fairfax County), Virginia, where there is a tremendous need for safe and adequate housing for families, especially single mothers and their children, living in poverty and/or abuse. Wanting to escape these conditions and improve their lives, they have few if any real options.

We invite you to participate with us in the providing a safe home for a vulnerable single-parent family or families in need, with nowhere to turn. 

No ready options exist because unfortunately in Fairfax County, Virginia, the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly called Section 8) is not accepting new applicants because of being underfunded and overloaded with more families in crises than it can manage. Temporary shelters, besides being temporary, are also overwhelmed. Most have long waiting lists. In addition they are not able to house families with 8 or more children.

While there are organization that build houses for families in need, a family must wait a year or two or more. There are some families whose need for a place to live are much more immediate and who therefore must be helped sooner. 

We are seeking your support in order to purchase an d furnish a house and create a fund to pay the taxes on the house and for its maintanence. Our vision is to provide a home for a family or families in crises for as long as it takes to bring healing and restoration, to reset and retart their lives. The house will be owned by New Hope  Fellowship Church for use by families in need. 

We are hoping and praying to raise $500,000 to purchase a house, and to contribute towards utilities, maintanence and taxes. We hope and pray to secure these donations by April 1, 2018.  

New Hope Fellowship Church is a church and a Virginia not-for-profit organization, so that all donations are tax deductable. All donations will be used for assistance to a vulnerable family in need.

Your participation in helping provide a safe home a vulnerable family in need is very much appreciated! Thank you!