In the early morning hours of October 9th, my parents, Fred and Susi, woke up to a neighbor pounding on the door, warning them to "Get out!" as a raging fire headed their way. A few minutes later they left their house for the last time with little more than the clothes on their back. Losing everything they owned in the fire, they now find themselves homeless and without many of the essentials we all take for granted. They do have insurance, but it will be quite a while before they experience any relief from that process. Lets help them get through the tough moments of the present as they figure out how to proceed.

My parents have always devoted themselves to providing the best for me and my brother. Their selflessness, passion for life, and heart for Jesus can be felt by many, even now as they walk through this trying time. They spent 10 years in their home, but they've been married for 33, and know that together, with God's guidance and grace, they can get through anything.

Your donations will go towards immediate needs including temporary housing, clothing, and all the essentials used on a daily basis. Donations will also be used for long-term needs including finding a new place to live, and replacing the replacable to make it their home again.