This is my husband Stephen. He is such a wonderful gift God sent to me. I took Stephen to the ER on May 22, for acute stomach pain, since that day things have never been the same. Stephen was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, brought on by a very bad gallbladder, he was life flighted from Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor Maine to Lewiston Maine where we spent the next 58 days. He was in a coma for 9 days,  had liver disease, pneumonia, anemia, and so much I can't even recall. We where sent home after the long stay with a feeding tube and home health care, after 9 days and my second day back to work I was told he needed to get back to the hospital. I found him a ride and drove the hour trip to the er. So here we have found ourselves for the past three weeks. I have not been able to work because of the severity of the situation and now I find my son in the hospital with a sever health issue. We are in wait for Stephen to be transferred back to Lewiston for some major surgeries that are of a very high risk. We are heading into 3 months of no income and it is a great strain as you can imagine. I have no idea how long we will be here but I feel that God is directing me to stay by his side, along with my son's side but it is only by God's grace and the help of others that this is possible. I have not wanted to set up a fund myself but God is humbling me to learn to ask for help when it is needed. Our hospital bills are beyond our reach not to mention our regular monthly bills and although I do not understand why this is happening to us I do know that God has a bigger plan. Please prayerfully consider helping in this time of need.
 Isaiah 40:28-31 are verse I cling to, it is a constant reminder of how Good is caring us through this trial.
Thank you for any help.
​​​​​​In Christ,