I, along with my son Forrest and my daughter Randi, are headed to an unnamed country in SE Asia (unnamed to protect the anonymity of our friends there) this coming June to record the music of a group of women rescued from the surrounding brothel culture.  These women, living in a safehouse together, have formed a local church that is actively reaching back into the community to help rescue other women caught in the exploitive sex-industry.  They also minister in the local slums providing various services.  They also SING beautifully!!  The leader of the safehouse is a worship leader who also writes original songs.  In addition, there is a young blind member of the safehouse community who also composes and sings.  We have a vision to record the music of this vibrant safehouse community and produce a CD that captures their voice and passion. We aim to supply them with CDs and digital files so they can use their music in their various outreach endeavors.  We also want to us the music here in the US to spread the word about the safehouse and raise support for their on-going operation!