I would like to share with you something very important that is happening in my life right now!
In order to do so, let me first give you a bit of a back story.
During my final semester as an undergraduate college student, I was facing many battles. I was taking on two of the toughest classes of my entire college career, amongst other courses, I was fulfilling my final internship, I was working a part-time job, and all the while I was also dealing with day to day life events. Along with all of those things, I had this ever growing fear and worry building up inside of me and it became very difficult for me to stay focused on the present task at hand, which was graduating. I was spending a great deal of my time thinking about and trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do once I graduated. It was like playing tug of war in my mind, I would go from worrying about my future, to telling myself that I needed to stay focused and just be in the present. I felt lost and I was looking into every option I could think of. I was researching different job options and different graduate programs and I was trying to do everything on my own. Nonetheless, amongst the worry, confusion, and fear, I was able to allow peace, love, and confidence to eventually take precedence in my heart and mind, and I diligently began to ask and seek guidance for my future. As I began to be less dependent upon myself, an unexpected opportunity arose.
About two months away from graduating, I was presented with information that a team in China had been fervently praying for a special someone to be able to fill a volunteer position as an English teacher. After much prayer and confirmation, I chose to accept the position! Along with teaching English, I will also be able to build long lasting relationships of trust and understanding in a cross cultural setting and share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus to those who may or may not have heard the good news.
I will be teaching at a licensed business; it operates in China in coordination with full time Christian international workers. This company is approved to teach English to youth and adults, advancing and encouraging good life-styles in the Chinese culture. This is accomplished by volunteers to help teach English and to interact in the registered Three Self Church of China.
The company will be giving me a stipend that will cover the cost of my housing while I am teaching in China, but it will not be enough to fully cover all of my expenses and to live on for the full year. So, I am asking those who have taken the time to read and learn about what is going on in my life right now, to help support me and the mission that I have been given. I am primarily asking for support through prayer, but secondarily through financial means. The financial support raised will help me with the purchase of my airline tickets, the purchase of my Visa and Visa renewal trips that will occur every 60 days, the purchase of full coverage insurance that will help keep me protected while overseas, and general everyday living expenses for the entire year.
This decision has not been an easy choice for me. It was unexpected and it wasn’t something that I was planning for. Even though I did not plan for this, I know that my Heavenly Father’s plans are much greater than my own and I have to allow my Father to have control! It’s not an easy task to walk in obedience to Christ, but that is the call to all who have chosen to believe upon Him. I am stepping out in complete faith and trust and I am asking for you to join me. If you don’t feel the Lord pressing upon your heart to give financially, please join me in praying for the Lord’s Will to be revealed and take superiority in lives all over the world and for my safety and guidance throughout this next season of my life.
Because of security issues, specific details have been excluded, but if you would like more information concerning the company or organization involved or just more details in general, please contact me privately, I would love to talk to you! Until then, thank you so very much for taking the time to read and learn about what the Lord is doing in my life right now!
My email address is sarahwebster12@yahoo.com
Peace and Love,
Sarah Webster