Yet again God has given me my heart's desire, the opportunity to travel. My heart has always been primarily for the USA and to be based here, and from here take shorter term trips to other countries. The Lord is so good and has surprised me with over seas trips the past two years - last year to Brazil and now to England. 

 I was looking into a one week school in Oxford with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries when faith rose up within me and I strongly felt the Lord telling me I needed to pursue it. Though the school was filled, I didn't have the finances, and I wasn't sure I could get time off I couldn't shake the feeling that God was going to move. My plan was to leave the last week of June and stay through the first week of July and be able to return in time for my friends wedding and a trip with my family to the beach. I contacted a friend about housing in the Oxford area, looked up plane tickets, and applied to the school and added myself to the waiting list. Little did I know God had a different surprise up His sleeve! 
 Linda Persinger is a friend of mine and an amazing woman from Nevada who loves Jesus so much! She has pioneered many ministries in street evangelism, providing a safe place for rehabilitating women coming out of sex trafficking, inner healing/counseling ministry etc. She teaches in YWAM schools on Inner Healing and Deliverance - how to walk in your authority in Christ, wholeness, and freedom. In addition to giving us the tools through teaching, she has one on one sessions with people walking them through the inner healing process with Jesus. Since Linda spoke in my DTS in 2013, she has come back regularly to do sessions with our staff and has taught in both the 2014 DTS  as well as the  DTS that is currently running. 

 During a session with Linda in April, I asked her a question about faith vs. foolishness. I used a general example of me wanting to go to England for this school. She answered my question then followed with, "If you ever go to England let me know. I would love to go with you." I told her my plans were to leave the end of June through beginning of July. She proceeded to tell me that she had a trip planned through those dates and didn't have an intercessor available to travel with her for those exact times! She invited me to pray about being her intercessor and  again I knew that this was from the Lord. I had to pursue it. 

 Needless to say, a month or so later I now have my dates off approved, plane tickets booked, and Linda and I are praying into our ministry trip to England preparing to leave. Though it was not what I expected, I am glad I obeyed and pursued the school even though I will not be attending. Instead, I have the honor to be taking a trip with a friend and wise woman of God to bring the Kingdom to England. (And I am excited to learn more from her as she takes me under her wing for 10 days!!) 

 I love hearing the voice of the Lord and partnering with Him to see people's hearts healed and encountered with the love of Jesus! I love speaking truth from the Father and seeing their lives completely transformed. I love simply being myself, a daughter of the King, and loving on people. I feel like this trip will be a significant turning point in my ministry and am so excited to see what Jesus does in and through us and where He leads us in this journey! 
 Oh! And guess what!?!  Someone pledged a matching gift of $2,000!!! God is so good! That's right. For every dollar you invest into this trip, it will be doubled! If I raise the full $2,000 then add the matching gift, my trip will be fully covered -  housing, food, transportation, plane tickets etc.


I leave June 27th and return July 8th. 
We will be praying for revival in the UK as well as supporting other ministries where we can in London and Southwest England. 
My plane tickets cost about $1,500. 
$1,500 will be for food, housing, transportation etc. while there (including transportation from London to other cities in the SW area of England.) 
The rest will be used for my rent here in the states, and things I need to buy for my trip. 

 Email me with questions, with feedback, or even if you would like prayer! 

Thank you for being a part of my life! 

Lots of Love,