I am so happy that I once again have an opportunity to go to Honduras on a mission’s trip for a week this July. I am going with a team from our church. Our purpose in going to Honduras is to serve an orphanage. I have been to this orphanage four times now and I am  always blessed each time. It is an amazing thing to see how your presence and the items that you provide ministers to the hearts of the children and workers in the orphanage. It is a church run orphanage that does not receive government assistance to operate, they rely solely upon sponsorship & missionaries who bring them supplies. Because of sponsors like you, the children have three meals a day, vaccinations, medical care, dental care, clothing, an education and so much more. The children who live in this home have been severely abused and some have been great ended by drug traffickers that their families were involved with. I will not be posting pictures, for their safety. These children are considered unadoptable by their government, Honduras has very complex adoption laws. They will live in the orphanage until they have completed their education and are established in a career and in their own homes. If this was a government institution, the kids would have none of those benefits. 

They currently care for 26 children. Out of the 26, there is 1 baby, 4 pre-schoolers, 8 teenagers, 1 young adult who is a quadriplegic and has lived there since she was a teenager. There is also 1 other young adult who is now in college who has chosen to remain in the home to help take care of the children until she completes her studies. The rest of the children are between the ages of 5 and 12 years.
As you can imagine, it takes a lot to rent a home large enough to house these children, pay the utilities, feed and clothe and provide for all of their needs. Thank you in advance for being a part of providing for these children.

For this trip,  we are going to be taking down gently used items and purchasing items for the orphanage that due to budget cuts, they have not been able to get for the children. We will be supplying things such as: bedding,  school and craft supplies, clothes, undergarments, hygiene products, etc. Sadly, because they have had so many people stop financial support, one of the things they had to cut from their budget was birthday parties. So we will be hosting a large birthday celebration for the children complete with a piñata and candy and we will be buying each of the children a birthday gift.

 The total cost for this trip is $1500. This fee will cover the cost of our flight, the fees for entering and exiting the country, the cost of the baggage for all of the supplies and gifts, the cost of items that we will purchase for the kids, the cost of the party & the cost for transportation for us and the children, so that we can take them on some outings.  Our deadline for the down payment (half of the funds) is May 25th, then a deadline of June 26 and July 16th for the rest of the funds.

Though I have been planning for this trip, I cannot do this without your help. In order for this trip to be a success I need financial support and prayer. Please consider helping in whatever way that you can. No amount is too small.

Thank you for your support

Ps. Unfortunately the deadline for the downpayment has past and my children are unable to go with me as we were unable to get the funds necessary for all three of us to go. I will be the only one from my family going. Please continue to pray for this trip. Thank you.