Peace be upon you

 My name is Asmaa Rantisi, a Palestinian woman living in Gaza. I am studying multimedia, and now I have stopped studying due to the war. I was eager to complete the study of the specialty that I had always dreamed of.

  But on October 7, all these dreams turned into nightmares. We have lived through the worst days of our lives throughout this period and we are still living them. We lived through all kinds of torment and injustice. Our relatives were killed before our eyes, and most days we did not sleep because of the terrifying sounds we heard every night while we waited for the sun to rise for this suffering to end, but it continues. During this period, most of the food we eat is unhealthy. We have reached the point of eating one serving of food so as not to run out due to the severe shortage of food resources in Gaza. One of the most difficult days of my life was when we had to leave our home due to the violent bombing that surrounded us from all sides. Planes and tanks forced us to leave our home and live in a tent in the city of Rafah, which did not protect us from the cold of winter or the heat of summer. Imagine the extent of the cold that my family and I felt throughout this period, in addition to the fact that the sources of income here were non-existent during the war with... It is worth noting that my family was considered poor before the war. What about now, when we are at war and living in the most difficult circumstances? After the army left the area where I previously lived, we found our house destroyed. This means that even after the war ends, we will not be able to return to it and live in it, and we will remain in this tragic state unless you help me get out of Gaza and live in another, safer place. It has become my wish for me and my family to leave Gaza, so that my brothers and I can complete our education, live in peace, have some peace, and be able to sleep even for one day in peace without fear or thought. About the thought of death, or worse, the thought of losing someone. Your parents or siblings, but in order for us to take this step, the Egyptian crossing to exit Gaza requires us to cost $6,000 per person, and we are a family of 12 individuals. This means that the cost of exiting Gaza is about 72 thousand dollars, in addition to the commissions that are deducted when the money is transferred from one person to another until it reaches us. In addition, we will need some support so that my brothers and I can complete my educational journey, and because we will move to a new country where we know nothing, we will need some expenses and open a small source of income so that we can live a decent life, so I have set a goal of 109000$. I ask for your help, my brothers, and I have no hope left. Without you, I can achieve my small dreams and live safely. I do not know how long it will take to collect this amount, but I hope that it will be collected as quickly as possible with your help, because Gaza has become unlivable, and you are the only hope for me and my family for that. Get us out of this nightmare we're living in.

This is the story of my suffering in the war in brief, and I hope that this donation will be complete and that I will complete my dreams that have begun to fade with time because the situation here is getting worse day by day.

Beyond the financial aspect, we ask for your prayers and thoughts to help us find the strength to deal with this tremendous loss.

Support us, whether through donations, sharing our story, or offering words of condolence.

Names of my family members Abdul Rahman Taha Al-Rantisi, 54 years old Intisar Ahmed Khattab, 53 years old Youssef Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 26 years old His wife, Wafa Fayez Abed, 26 years old And his children: Abdul Rahman Youssef Al-Rantisi, 5 years old Adam Youssef Al-Rantisi for two years Osama Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 23 years old Asmaa Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 20 years old Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 18 years old Anas Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 16 years old Owais Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 14 years old Arwa Abdul Rahman Al-Rantisi, 9 years old

thank you for taking the time to read our story. Your support, whether it's a donation or sharing our campaign with others, means the world to us. We look forward to updating you on our journey towards safety and a fresh start

My name is Abdullahi Eleiwa 

I live in Spain, a Mauritanian B01412373

citizen, my address and personal information

caixabank ES1121001647020200317603

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 I'm trying to help this current family to get it out of a raise. I can receive money on my account and travel to Egypt to pay the amount and what is required to get the family members of 12 people. I also want to help them find a house for the family so that they can start a normal life again after they have lost everything