Hello we were homeless in KCMO when my husband was shot in his eye. My vacation with my best friend turned into 5 yrs alot of struggles and another baby who he is 2 now. We have a old bill moving back to KCK who even the utility program churches no one will help with because "ITS TOO OLD" my husband is a carpenter a hard working man his tools and my dream catcher material was stolen and ruined and almost everything that we and the kids had was gone. The kids are in MN with GMA until we get our housing together and the house still needs work but we sleep in a tent and use the wood and bbq grill for now. He's doing the best job he can I want to get out light bill paid since no one else can help us even our case workers program won't. We only need 600$ to get them on we went the whole winter freezing without them but I would love to cook a meal on the stove for my family and see my kids soon. I also want to surprise him with a new ryobe cordless power tool set if possible and get me and the kids some items needed and a new laptop sobi can go back to running our businesses and getting on track. Disability has been giving him grief and it's been a long hard trying 5 yrs but I wouldn't trade it for nothing else and I just know God has us in his arms and someone will come though. You can contact us or pay the bill directly at BPU the bill is attached on the photos as you'll see or you can donate here stay blessed