Help defend Tricia Jackson from political persecution.

Tricia Jackson is a Christian, a mother of one, a grandmother of two, a Constitutional Conservative, a home school co-op founder and director, a Jefferson county native, and a county commissioner.

Tricia is a staunch advocate for the people.  Having been elected to office in 2020, she:

  • created and passed the 2A sanctuary county resolution
  • she voted to include prayer when  opening public meetings
  • spearheaded securing WV checkbooks, a transparency portal for Jefferson County 
  • worked with community leaders to secure AED's for deputy cruisers
  • supported protect the children ordinance from adult entertainment
  • supported the repeal of the solar text zoning ordinance
  • facilitated the ending of mask and vaccination mandates in and on county property
  • drafted and passed the pledge of allegiance to the WV state flag in county meetings
  • teamed up with a delegate to create transparency and accountability act of 2024.

She continues to serve and be a voice for her constituents with integrity, honesty, and transparency. 

During her public service thus far, Commissioner Jackson has called attention to questionable government practices by challenging the status quo's decisions in order to protect the citizens of Jefferson County, WV.  As a result, Tricia Jackson has endured personal attacks and a coordinated effort to unseat her. 

The county prosecutor has filed a petition for removal from office and 42 trumped up charges in an attempt to interfere with her run for WV State Auditor in the May 14th, 2024 primary; both of which are being fast tracked through the court system. The county prosecutor appears to be supporting her opponent and, in our opinion, is abusing his power to prosecute, unseat her, and interfere with her campaign before the election even occurs. 

Nonetheless, her legal challenges are mounting and she needs your support to fight this injustice and assault against, not only her, but the citizens of Jefferson County, the voter and the American public alike. Please donate what you can.  No amount is too small to help her to continue to serve and save her community.

We understand not everyone is able to give and that's ok.  If you could spare a prayer or two, we'd really appreciate them as well.