I would like to give a brief intro to introduce myself. 

  I'm 56 years old. I'm on ssdi due to a work related accident.

I've always been a hard worker, a go getter. There wasn't anything I would not or could not do to support my family. I never accepted a hand out. 

   In 2014 I broke my back and had a multi level spinal fusion. Absolutely a brutal procedure that I wish I never had.

I would like to move forward 10 years and save you all the rehab stories and treatments I've been through.

I've been living on SSDI and just squeezing by to pay bills.I recently  tried to go back to work only to be disappointed with the outcome. I was in extreme pain due to trying to work, I couldn't Continue.

I have accrued over $12000 in unsecured debt. 

SSDI in making me pay back an overpayment mistake on their behalf of $9000. The so called overpayment occurred during covid and all communications were shut down.

My calculations are different than what they have on file but I'm told they can't go back and adjust the information on file. 

 It was covid , everything was shut down.

 Any generosity in the form of a donation would go towards financial independence. 

 I just want to get back on my feet. Asking for assistance humbles me. 

 Over the past 10 years of being disabled I've experienced life in a different path than what I ever would have expected.

Although lots of details have been skipped over in this brief intro,every day that goes by reminds me of the hard worker I used to be. 

 Any donations are so greatly appreciate. I can't explain how humbled I'm feeling.  

Thank you for the time to ask for your help.


Jeff Jalbert

10% of all donations will go to my local animal shelter.