Good Morning, I’m writing on behalf of my girlfriend and myself, looking for any assistance possible as all other avenues have failed, last year her dad had who was a Vietnam vet Marine had unexpectedly passed away, and when our landlord of 20 years found out he tried raising the rent nearly double knowing that with the both of us on disability we couldn’t afford the increase , he refused to take the normal rent , he refused to take an additional $300 I offered , then proceeded to file the eviction for non payment, since the eviction I had been taken out high interest loans to pay for motels and uhaul vans to live in , it got to the point that we couldn’t afford the rentals any more , so we spent what little we had left to fix her dads car and have been living in that the last 5 months, well that has now broke down and doesn’t move , one of the places we had been sleeping at noticed we’ve been parked there over a week and called the sheriff who issued a trespassing violation and ordered me off the property and that she could stay with the car but it needs to begon by Monday, we are both disabled and on disability, she has chronic migraines that the headaches virtually last all day , and epilepsy, her seizures have gone from 1 a month to probably 3 a week , she also has collapsed discs in her back causing severe pain living in a car , as for myself I was involved in a near death motor vehicle accident, given a 3% chance of survival 6 years ago , which by the grace of god I pulled through, in the process I have an amputated right leg , not much mobility in my left leg , I have plates and screws and rods through most of my body limiting being able to work, I have constant pain while standing or sitting for any period of time , I’ve refused to take any sort of pain medication since I was released from the hospital, Tylenol is all I will take , there are no programs in our area to help people in our situation unless you’re a single mom or couple with kids and believe me we’ve checked every ngo and Palm beach county assistance, we’ve been on a shelter waiting list for 9 months now , I’m hoping for donations to either help us off the streets or help with repairs on the car . Thank you all for reading and god bless you all ..Glenn