A dear friend who attended my church, New Hope Chapel, in Plymouth, MA, recently moved permanently to Nakuru, Kenya. After receiving a call from God, Devon quit her three jobs to serve in Kenya full time. She could not have fathomed that God would call her there long term to serve the education system there. She is now the Assistant Director of a program called Pink Elephants and volunteers for Nathan Hall William's Center, ministering to children with special needs. This program is dedicated to connecting teachers on a global scale, to share knowledge and resources with one another, with an emphasis on empowering teachers and students in impoverished countries, to improve quality of education. She also took the picture placed above from her rooftop in Kenya.

When I was first approached with the opportunity to GO in May, my friends from New Hope: Jacqueline Skinner, Alyssa Goldberg and Felicia Marks, were excited to present such a call to me. I knew this call was a deeper calling for my life, in that, God wanted/wants me to take a leap of faith and serve his kingdom. No matter the cost. When first presented with this opportunity, my first concern was cost. I know God will provide the means necessary to complete this mission. He has called my heart to both serve, as an offering of thanksgiving for how he has sacrificed for me, and to bring the hope needed for the kids in the schools, where we will be volunteering as teachers. God has called me to teach and has been preparing me to do just that in Kenya. In this calling, He has also posed the question of trust. Do I trust that God will take me there to use me for the advancement of His kingdom? I whole-heartedly believe He will bring this call into fruition in unfathomable ways. And better, it will reach and transform more than I ever planned for. God will be praised.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 
I thank God for you.

God bless,
Emily Carvalho

Breakdown of cost:
Flight: 800
Housing: 150 ($10 per day- 15 days)
Food: 250
Travel Visa: 50
Donation for Ministry: 150

My goal is 1400. I am led to say yes to this calling from God and I'm praying for any way that you feel led to support my trip. Thank you and peace be with you.