Hello I have tried doing this for so long yet I started writing and I felt like I was doing pretty much a lost cause. I have lived off and on in Tijuana Mexico for 25 years..NEVER in my life have I been so sad seeing all these stray animals starving ,chained up ,being abused ,etc .What can I do ? I don't think til you actually see for yourself how sad it is here. I try to help as many dogs I can but I may put water and food for them I wake up and see my water buckets are stolen or the dog bowls are taken as well. I literally had my things taken 3 times in a week..I can't afford it.These poor animals have no water and I am trying to at least give them some kind of love .I am asking for help to get food and water buckets and dog bowls along with help to get the animals spayed or neutered so the population of these stray animals won't get any bigger. Oh I know my little help won't really even come close to stopping the population of homeless animals but it's a start ..I'm begging for consideration to even give a dollar to help me on this crusade at least to save one ..it's so sad here and I'm asking for your compassion to help ..