For those of you who don’t know, on March 1st my brother Dyshawn Jubilee had a major heart surgery lasting more than 11 hours. What was initially thought to be a small repair of an aorta tear turned into a reconstruction of the aorta itself after discovering an aortic aneurysm had occurred causing extensive damage. As one could imagine with this type of surgery, he has a long road of recovery ahead putting him out of work for an extended period of time. Everyday bills and hospital bills will begin to add up adding a financial strain to the mix. I will be stepping in to help oversee all the bills from afar so he can stay focused on his recovery. 

I don’t ask for much but if you can support financially in any way, every little bit would help. My brother is the type that would be do anything for anyone if he could. All your support means the world to my family and I, especially his 4 beautiful children who is his absolute world. He’s a hardworking single father of 4. 

My big bro is one of the strongest men I know. He’s going to bounce back, stronger than before. His comeback will be greater than his setback. Your continued prayers of healing are welcomed and appreciated.