I need $1580 by Tuesday, or I will be evicted!

I have other needs, too, as listed below, & will be ever so thankful to givers & to God for anything above the emergency amount, but the $1580 is something I can't get by without.

I am a disabled senior citizen with no remaining living family. My only income is from Social Security. (I am separated from my husband, prior to divorce, & he can't help more than he already is, anyway.)

I am in severe trouble right now. Please bear with me, but I don't know how much to tell, so this is most of the story:

I lived pretty happily with my father, a widower, since 2014; however, in the last few years of his life, he required a great deal of care, finally more than I could provide at home since he had reached the wandering and occasionally violent stage of dementia. He had to go to a memory care facility, which turned out to cost over $1600 per month more than I thought it did I signed the contract. With additional unexpected side charges--foot care, haircuts, ambulance rides, pharmacy, etc--it took all of his income and most of mine.

I had expected to live the rest of my life in his house, which was my childhood home. Unfortunately, the house was built in 1970, which is when we moved in, and needed repairs I couldn't afford while maintaining my father and paying my own monthly expenses. I did the best I could with a mortgage, a car payment, car insurance, home repairs, groceries, etc., but things were desperate by the end. The plumbing and roof leaked, a 50-foot lightning-struck threatened to demolish the house, electricity was failing one room at a time, there was black mold, two ceilings had caved in, & 1 flood had buckled up. I couldn't begin to fix any of that, particularly since I had had to let the home insurance lapse, cash out my retirement funds and his life insurance policies. I couldn't even keep up with the taxes and mortgage.

So, when my father died last year at 96, I had a wrecked house, no money, & a mountain of debt. If not for my church, my father would have been buried in a beggars' graveyard--I didn't even know such things existed! Thank God he was cremated, and can be in-urned at Arlington Cemetery with my mother, when I figure out how to arrange it.

I had to sell the house I had thought would be my inheritance & my home. Unfortunately, because of its condition, after the fees and the worst of the bills were paid, I realized only enough to pay to move out, plus 6 months' rent in advance. Between the movers and the mold, almost all of my family belongings are gone--photos, family Bible, books, family records, the genealogy records my mother amassed over 65 years' work, the few valuables we had, everything. And because I am still paying off old bills of my father's (& bills of my own), I reached the point in February where I couldn't pay the rent, or any of the normal, current bills. Any of them.

The landlord let me pay 3 weeks late, when my Social Security came, but that was a 1-time-only accommodation on his part, and used the entire SS--all the money I would normally be using to pay for March--& still came up short. So now, I have until Tuesday, March 5, to pay the March rent, or I can be evicted. I have accumulated almost $400 combined from my church and 3 generous friends, but I am still $1580 short of what I need to catch up the rent & the late charges.

ABSOLUTE NEED: In order to avoid eviction, I need a minimum of $1580 to cover both the rent & last month's penalty. If I can reach that amount, I will be forever grateful.

NEEDED BUT NOT THE HUGE HURRY OF THE RENT: Anything I could get beyond that amount would go towards (in no order here, but I would prioritize): county car registration, $75; February car payment, $205; March car payment, $205; $1946.28, January-March electric bill; $278, loan payment; $1850, hospital bill; $865, eye injections; $1,400-1,500, car repairs; $900 for my father's 3rd-to-last debt (in collection & in my name); $2,000 still owed to memory care facility; $733 for the storage unit where I'm keeping things I wasn't able to move because I ran out of moving money (my mother's desk, etc), $?, gas & groceries for March. The hospital is writing off 9/10 of the cost of upcoming kidney surgery, but I still need to cover the rest.

Full Disclosure: I have recently learned that I may get up to $5,000 from a life insurance policy I didn't know about, which is amazing & wonderful, but it may not come until April. I can't survive until then, & it's not enough to bail me completely out, anyway. I need help now!

I pray morning & night for rescue. Blessings on everyone who reads this. Anything you send will be appreciated so, so, so much, and if I am able to pass the blessing on to another in need, I will do so.