Hi All,

My name is Silas my wife Manju and blessed with daughter Catherine - lovely family of 3

Over the past 6 years I have been working 2 Jobs to do my best for my family, when things were getting better in our life, Year 2020 COVID disrupted everything financially. with all the slow down and the increase in all the expenses one thing after another has resulted in incurring a lot of  credit card and personal line debts.

Recently my wife father passed away and it was an unexpected emergency - had to travel to home country which costed us a lot of money for travel and funeral expenses which has led to more financial struggle, my wife also has been sick from High Blood Pressure and still is under medication, she is slowly getting better but still needs a lot of time to recover from the loss of her father and also her own health. 

Im trying to raise funds to payoff all my debts and also the expenses that we incurred for travel and funeral expenses 

I being the single earner in the house and go out of the way, work 12 to 14 hrs in a day to ensure that im able to meet my family needs,  currently all my earnings mostly are going toward just paying the interest on my debts and im stuck in a very bad financial situation and want to come out of this struggle.

I want to reset my life and start afresh and be free from this huge financial burden, I want to give my Time to my family, I want to spend more time helping my Daughter, I want to take care of my wife in a much better way.

Please prayerfully support us as i continue to  work on overcoming this financial burden.

May the Good Lord help you all understand our situation and my immediate need to be able to meet my family needs.

I believe that one day i will be able to help as many people as possible