Jordan is running as the Libertarian Candidate for US House of Representatives in Missouri’s 3rd District.  As a libertarian candidate he believes in personal freedom and opposes government interference in our personal lives. This includes the government being responsible with tax payer dollars in terms paying down the nation debt, which stands at over $34 trillion currently, and balancing the budget and that unwarranted searches and collection of data on US citizens should be ended. 

At the heart of Missourians is a Show Me attitude and what we have been Shown by other parties is that they will make promises to win elections and take their constituents for granted. Once in Washington they toe the party line and continue to expand government and raise our national debt. Jordan’s promise is to place his constituents freedom and not adding to the debt above all and will vote against any attempt that would compromise either one of those.

Show Me Liberty

All donations of any size are very much appreciated as we know you are donating your hard earned money for the cause of liberty.