Please help my sister and nephew (Beth and Zachary Reinert) with the funds to install electricity and water to their trailer site in Crystal, NV as well as purchase a trailer that doesn’t leak. They have suffered many losses in the past 2 years which have landed them to living in trailers.  They have no water or electricity on the property and have to borrow from a neighbor. $30,000 for the install. One trailer is also needed to replace Beth’s trailer because she sleeps with a bucket on her bed due to a bad leak. Sewage is also backing up into her trailer, and due to bad insulation she has trouble with heating and cooling.  A mobile home would be perfect for them, but they will accept a trailer donation if anyone has one that doesn’t need work. Where are the gift angels? 

Here’s the rundown of their past year. Zach went through a very expensive break up with his common law girlfriend and lost his house. (His mom (Beth) also lived there). After becoming homeless they found a cheap piece land to put trailers on. Beth had a car accident July 25 totaling her car resulting in a fractured knee which she will not be getting any money from because the medical bills are already at 20,000 and she still has to pay the lawyer 1/3 of what she gets awarded.  A few months after the car accident Beth got caught in a flash flood to which the insurance company totalled their minivan. Insurance company blamed Beth and Zach to be liable for a flood accident and now are being dropped from State Farm!  To make things worse their dog died last month and cat died this month. Then last week Zach struck a Burrow which is like a deer, totaling his only car left (Crown Vic) which is not worth much, maybe $1,000.  Beth and Zach (mother and son) are very hardworking good people that keep getting hammered with bad luck. They are losing faith and feel God has left them.  Can anyone help with funds to get their own electricity and water installed? Does anyone have a nice (no work needed) trailer or mobile home that they are willing to donate? CALLING ALL GIFT ANGELS - are you out there?