Hi everyone, Beth is a friend of mine and has been since our boys were little. Many years ago, after leaving an abusive marriage she began the extremely difficult journey of being a single mother. In 2010 they discovered that Travis, just 13 years old had an inoperable brain tumor.

It was a fluke finding and of course Beth’s world fell apart. I think we can all agree that there is NOTHING worse than worrying about the health and safety of our children. For her to have to do that AND fight to survive financially for all these years is something my heart can barely handle. She can’t go to work and leave Travis alone and she’s not being helped enough. I’ve had to worry about my daughter’s survival many times and have also worried about my financial survival. I cannot comprehend having to deal with both at the same time and for SO MANY YEARS. No one should have to struggle this much. 

Please, if you can help this Momma and her sweet son at least keep a roof over their heads by donating, sharing, praying or just caring it would be so wonderful. Thank you for at least reading, I’m praying many of us can help even if it’s a tiny bit. 

This is Beth’s most recent FB post:

Travis had a bad tonic clonic seizure tonight. He's on 3 very heavy meds and they're not working! We're almost out of options. I'm scared. He fell facedown on the floor. His whole body was so tense I couldn't get him turned to get the rescue med into him at first. I had to fight hard to get it into him. It was at least a half hour before he could speak. He was able to tell me his name but not who I am or where he is. He's asleep now. That's typical. We aren't at the hospital. His oxygen and heart rate are ok. He wasn't injured and he came out of it with a dose of rescue meds. The neurology team had talked about a surgical implant, but decided he's not a candidate for the surgery because his brain tumor and epilepsy are too complex. Travis is scared he's going to have a seizure and not wake up. Neither of us have worked up the courage to ask what happens when we run out of options. We're dealing with a lot. I received an eviction notice. I owe money that I just don't have. We have no place to go. I'm scrambling to find assistance but so far I'm hitting a wall. They won't kick us out if I get them paid, but I'm running out of options. Please pray for my son. Please pray I can find a way to keep our roof over our heads. I'm including our links because I get a slew of messages when I don't. Thank you for loving Travis. I'm scared and I won't be sleeping much tonight.