Dear friends--my son Ethan was always a happy little boy until 2018 when he started getting severe tics/rage/incontinence/psychosis/ocd & was diagnosed with pans/lyme /Autoimmune encephilitis /// He was so severely ill he almost chewed off his own knee and was attacking us all day like a tiger. Nobody can even fathom what a nightmare it is even getting him to the car in this condition. Just because he is on the spectrum it seems some people/drs think its okay for someone like him to bang his head and injure himself all day and cry. He is a human being and I cannot allow him to suffer and be in pain and distress all day. I will do everything I possibly can to get him back to baseline and to being a happy little boy who is very smart and loves to swim and dance and go out everywhere. 

Its an extremely expensive and difficult illness to treat and we have had great success in the past with his wonderful doctor in washington dc. He was in remission from 2018 until 2022. 

In 2022 when he got sick again I found a cheaper alternative and he received immunotherapy/plasmapheresis type treatments in mexico and did amazing  and he went back to school and was happy and life was so much better. But recently this January the flares/tics/aggression/ocd/rage/incontinence started creeping up again and he relapsed. I borrowed and maxxed out any cards I had to get him back to his doctor in mexico and went thru but i got him here to Mexico and now he is mid treatment and starting to feel much better but I am all tapped out & have no money left to stay here and so much more needs to be done before I get him back on a plane (which will be a nightmare if he doesnt finish the course of treatment) I am stressed to my eyeballs 24/7 and i just keep praying for miracles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏mom Rachel ❤️