In January of 2023, Grace was diagnosed with Lyme Disease with co-infections and PANS/PANDAS. Her symptoms include arthritic joint pain, motor and vocal tics, crippling anxiety, night terrors, insomnia, mood swings, inability to focus, and struggling with school. Because of her severe anxiety and joint pain, she has not been able to attend school this year besides dropping in from time to time. She is currently remotely schooled from home. We started her treatments right after her diagnosis, but she continued on a downward trend. That is why we had to seek out Lyme specialists in Florida and spent 5 months away from home treating her with intense therapies not available in Texas. She was finally to a point where we were able to come back home to continue with other forms of treatment available near us. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is not something insurance companies cover beyond a short course of antibiotics. In fact, insurance has not covered a single part of Grace's treatment. Battling Lyme and its co-infections can be a lengthy process as proven by how long we have been treating Grace and will have to continue to treat her. We truly thought that we would be able to handle these medical costs ourselves. But after battling this disease for over a year and counting, and having spent upwards of $200k, we are at a point of not being able to do this on our own anymore. We are starting this campaign to ask for your generosity in helping us continue to support Grace in her battle against Lyme. Any amount you can donate towards Grace's fight will be greatly appreciated. The funds will be used to put towards Grace’s supplements, doctor’s appointments, medications, alternative therapies, and the continuous bills that keep rolling in from past lab draws, treatments, etc. By the grace of God and your support, our little Lyme Warrior will prevail.

If you would like to follow along with Grace’s health journey, you can go to her facebook page or caring bridge linked below.