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We are coming together in support, love, prayer and strength for our beloved Chad Skipper and his family. His mom- Pat, brothers- Jason, Danny and Heath, and sisters- Heather and Kristina, along with his nieces, nephews, in-laws and the list goes on... After tragedy struck on February 10th over something as simple eating a slice of pizza, everything changed in an instant. It just shows how precious life really is. We are so thankful that Chad is a man of God and are so blessed to be surrounded with prayer warriors that have faithfully poured in to Chad’s recovery. 

For those of you that don’t know the story; Chad was working out of town in Pennsylvania and has been sick with pneumonia, he was winding down at dinner and choked. After unsuccessful attempts of the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR, he went into cardiac arrest, lost all oxygen and became unconscious and unresponsive. He has since been in critical condition on two machines of the highest level advanced life support in hopeful attempts to save him. His mom and brother immediately jumped on the earliest flight to be at his side after receiving the terrifying phone call that every parent and sibling dreads. Without knowing what the hours or days ahead looked like, the news of the severity of Chad’s condition quickly spread as he is larger than life and loved beyond measure. Friends and family, some that have even come from out of state and so many more that have closely followed his story and spread love and prayer, are all standing together, believing in a miracle! Little by little, day by day, Chad has not given up and of course in Chad fashion has become well known in ICU, even in his state as the “Incredible Hulk". He is fighting for his life and with the faithfulness of our God of miracles, He hears your prayers! Chad has made incredible progress and has successfully made his way off of the ECMO machine that helped oxygenate and recirculate his blood and helped save his life. Our prayers are being answered one by one! Every day his strong and faithful Momma keeps us updated with his progress and setbacks. Thankfully though, it’s been mostly praise reports and for that we are grateful and we pray that only praises will continue. His medical team is closely working with him. He’s been able to wiggle his toes and squeeze hands on command these past few days. He’s doing really well, slowly but surely getting stronger. The next hurdle we’re praying for is for him to be able to work his way off the ventilator. This will be a HUGE step in his recovery to be able to live and breathe on his own again and will help his comfort level tremendously to get these tubes out of his throat. Stay tuned and stay praying…

With all that’s been going on, the last thing we want is for the family to have added stress of financial burden of medical expenses, food, travel and accommodations so far from home and any unforeseen costs that are in the days yet to come. So if we can help, we should. If you are able to, please contribute whatever God lays on your heart to help support this beautiful family that we cherish deeply. Thank you for taking the time to follow Chad’s journey to a miracle and for your continued prayers. ❤️ 
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It’s a MIRACLE!!!
February 23, 2024
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Our prayers have been answered! God saved this man! 🙌 Hallelujah!!! 

Chad is living and breathing all on his own has been moved out of ICU and is on his road to recovery! Thank you for your prayers and support. This next chapter of PT is going to be difficult and will take time so we ask that you please continue your prayers and support as Chad approaches this next phase of his healing.   

Miracles do happen!


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