Our sweet, loveable, creative and always appreciative, Presley was  diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 2.14.24 at the age of 12. While Presley and our family are optimistic, the journey has been tough, as expected.

At first treatment required a hospital admission as Presley's cancer was being treated aggressively. She received chemo treatments 5 days, which will continue for the next month, but her treatment is expected to last for the next 2 to 3 years. Treatment will vary based on how her body is reacting to treatment and her needs.

Since initial diagnosis, the family travels to/from the hospital multiple times a week and they have endured a few admissions to address complications as a result of the illness and its treatment. As anticipated, the family continues to be in need of funds to support them as they miss work to accommodate Presley's needs, which depleates monthly funds for food, gas and to pay bills. 

Those who love Presley and her family are asking you to consider donating to support the family through Presley's Journey. 🧡🧡🧡

Update 3.17.24: Presley is 31 days into treatment, and she has been a trooper. She was admitted to Children's for about a week when she was diagnosed. Although she loved the staff at Children's, she missed school and the comfort of being at home. Thankfully, her treatment team allowed her to return home with some restrictions, but she was allowed to attend school. School was a very welcomed experience;  Presley was so happy. Unfortunately, shortly after her return, she was diagnosed with Influenza: Type B and Pneumonia, which led to a short admission as she was l having difficulty breathing and required monitoring. She currently is at home recovering from both illnesses.

During her time at home, she visits Children's weekly to receive more invasive treatments/procedures that require surgery.  The procedure includes acquiring bone marrow samples, lumbar punctures and chemo treatment being injected into her spine. Afterwards, she is often sleepy but everyone who talks to her, is amazed by her positivity and grace. 

Presley's next block of treatment will begin on the 21st. She will have another surgery that day, where she will again receive chemo in her spine. This block of treatment is expected to be more aggressive, and will last for 8 weeks. 

The family continues to need our help to ensure that Presley has a comfortable and safe environment for her to recover in and also to offset the expenses incurred from the cost of traveling, food and other expenses that arise. We ask that you share Presley's story, and more than anything, please continue to keep Presley and her family in your prayers. 🧡🩷🧡🩷