I desperately need help!

I am third generation U.S. Army. I am the oldest child in the family. I have always put everyone’s needs before my own and I have been the caregiver in my family four times now…. I am very tired….

I work hard, I don’t smoke, no drugs, no tattoos, hardly drink and don’t like to ask for help, but my Mom was taken advantage of before she passed away and now, I am about to lose my Grandfather’s land and my Mother’s house to the people that took advantage of her.

The law does not protect our Seniors and I didn’t find out soon enough to stop them…

So, this is an extremely hard note for me to write and I am running out of time.

I have never asked anyone for help before but this is important enough to ask.

I am a person that is always giving of my time, my energy, my little bit of money.

As an Army Brat, we moved every year of my life, 5 high schools in 4 years. A Father that the Army had away more than half of my first 11 years of life which left my Mother as a single parent and me as the oldest of three, helping every step of the way…. I loved it - I didn’t know anything different…..

My parents were great people but the Army came first leaving me to pick up the slack at home. I never learned how to spend, how to save, how to take care of myself. We grew up in a very controlled environment. Others came first. I never learned about homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and mortgage payments or taking care of myself. I never remarried and my Dad took great care of us until his death. My later years have been a crash course in learning all I can. But I am great at taking care of others! I am currently a caregiver for the fourth time! I feel like I never will get my energy back….

I have lived through an abusive marriage, two years later - my younger brother’s suicide attempt in my house, my next-door neighbor’s suicide three years later which I had to be the one to find both and deal with those nightmares…. I wanted to go to Veterinary School but everyone’s needs came before mine….

Then my father dies in 2006 (I was his caregiver and again Mom’s helper, traveling 2 hours each way, each weekend for the couple of months before Daddy passed). Mom changed dramatically after that…. her alcoholism worsened until her death in 2018. (My Agent Orange brother passed in 2017 of a heart attack at 50, 10 months before my Mother. I have ended my relationship with my sister because of her hatefulness and manipulative behaviors. I will always love her but cannot continue to be a pawn in her games. I am trying to live a healthy life from now on.)

I can go into detail about all the nightmares that have happened after that but for now….

We were living in Texas where my Dad had retired from Fort Hood. The traffic had gotten so bad that Mom would not leave the house, so I asked her if she wanted to move back to South Dakota thinking that she would be safe up there with her brothers, high school friends and her Mother still alive….

The things I did not know about small towns and how corrupt South Dakota is, has been a major learning lesson…. After some major bad decisions by my Mom and no one protecting her from herself, I had to move from Texas to South Dakota.

For 6 years, I had been driving between two homes in Texas (two hours apart) trying to keep things taken care of, pack up Mom’s Texas home and drive U-Hauls to South Dakota along with making other trips to South Dakota just to take care of her business affairs while working a 50/60 hour job…..

I was just a little exhausted….. then in 2013, my one and only younger brother gets hit by a car while on his bicycle, during what I hoped was my last trip before I moved to South Dakota for good, helping Mom. He already had medical problems with Agent Orange, Ritalin damage and alcoholism, but now he is a Traumatic Brain Injury patient. I travel back to Texas, spend 5 weeks in the hospital with him, stay in Texas an extra year getting him to his medical appointments until I can get disability approved and them move him to South Dakota with me in 2014 and become his Legal Guardian…. the family drama gets really bad now….

I can go on but the point of this is not knowing the problems that the brothers in South Dakota would cause, and the many people including her brothers that would take advantage of my Mom…. my Mother was convinced to change her Estate, by her older brother, to cut me out because I did not have children….

How hard I had worked all my life did not count for anything….

How responsible I had been all my life did not count for anything….

This man really did not know me, but he benefitted.

Now, I am trying to prevent a couple of the vultures that were taking advantage of my Mom while she was alive from now getting my Grandfather’s property and the house that Mom built. It is the only thing I have left of her and my name is on half the property. I lost everything else and her Estate has not paid for this property in over five years. I will be evicted soon if I cannot pay off the mortgage…. I have paid for 4 attorneys during the last 5 years. All I have is a bunch of bills to show for the time and energy – no solutions….

During prayer recently, I was sent an idea to get the loan paid off and then bill the Estate with expenses until the Estate signs over the property because they will not want to pay the bills.

Paying off the loan will stop the foreclosure. I cannot get a loan because the property is on the foreclosure list. Later, I would be able to take out a loan to repay whomever helps me or in the case of this website, pay it forward!

This is over a million-dollar property in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is land that my childhood has great memories on when we had the opportunity to come home and see grandparents.

Moving every year of my life makes this land even more important as it is my connection to my grandparents that I did not get to grow up with.

I need $375,000.00 to pay it off plus attorney fees. I just do not have the needed resources without some help. I do not need a hand out but I sure would appreciate a hand up.

I have never played a “victim” and have always had a “cup half full” attitude no matter how bad things were, but right now I am about to be homeless at 62, in a high cost of living state with low wages. I can’t afford to move. I’m just stuck. I am a problem solver and am looking for solutions!

I also do not want the people that were taking advantage of my Mom to end up with this property. I do not believe in rewarding bad behavior!

I hope you will feel that I am a good investment. I will not let anyone down!

Please ask any questions you want. Since this is a donation website, paying people back could be hard but what I would do, is pay it forward. All money donated to me will be paid forward after I survive this ordeal.

Please help. This place is my sanity. I have trouble asking for help but this is my lifeline. I had wanted to move an elderly Vietnam Veteran in with me to be his caregiver - he has no family. But I cannot help him until I have a home to help him with.

I am rather stressed right now so I hope that I have not rambled on… I have two dogs, two cats and a friend with stage four cancer that depend on me plus my Vietnam Vet friend. They all mean so much to me and I need to protect them. I can only do that with help, so I am begging, please help.

The house goes up for sale, March 7th 2024, my 62nd birthday, how fun! Please help me save my heritage!

I truly appreciate your time and consideration!