Hi. My husband and I are asking for donations to aid us in fixing our vehicle which also currently serves as our home. Our car broke down in September 2023 and we had it towed to a parking lot behind a friend's apartment building. We have limited incomes but have changed the crank shaft sensor. A mechanic told us after paying $150 for a diagnostic test that it is our fuel pump. We replaced that. It still will not start.  We were parked in that lot for nearly 5 months until the local police department asked us to move or they would basically take our car. So we have had it towed again to another parking lot but we know we have limited time here as well. A mechanic/ vehicle locksmith told us after checking our ignition key that we need a new key in order to ever start our vehicle. Our vehicle is a 2004 BMW X5. No. We never had a lot of money. It was a good deal on this car and has run great until about 6 months ago. To get a key made for this vehicle requires we purchase it from the dealership which has quoted us $500. We really would appreciate any help we can get in getting this key so that we can start our car and not be stuck in one spot leaving us subject to having the police tow away our car which is also our home. Please if you can help us in any way we wiloukd be forever grateful