Good day, and bless you all for taking the time to click on our story, my name is Laura hawkes I am a single mom of 3 children I have raised single handedly their whole life as their father is a sociopathic narcissist drug addict who spent most their life in jail when he wasn’t out tormenting hurting or taking from us, I finally got enough courage to get us away from him and love to be near my mother who I had cut from my life at the age of 19 , a few weeks after my mom got tumours in her brain and 6 minths later she passed away leaving my children and I alone lost and Devi stayed with no one to turn to, now we have gotten on our feet and into a new life away from the poison that ruined our lives but we. Are alone, I am struggling with my bills and my nehicle just kicked the bucket, without a vehicle in a city where we have no one we can’t survive, I am asking today for help with covering our over due bills and a second hand vehicle to get around to appointments and school, I thank you all for your time today and I am hopeful that some one will be there for us in this separate time, I know everyone is struggling right now, but we’re close to devostation, thank you.