In a foreign land, Saleh Hassan found himself grappling with challenges that seemed insurmountable. A spinal fracture left him reliant on spinal stabilizers, rendering him unable to work and plunged him into a state of financial uncertainty. His mother battled an undisclosed illness, adding to the weight on his shoulders.

With a heart full of determination, Saleh refused to succumb to silence. Despite the pain he endured, he knew he couldn't remain passive in the face of adversity. Holding onto his dreams of further education and a brighter future, Saleh, armed with a bachelor's degree, yearned to continue his studies.

Halfway through his academic journey in a foreign country, Saleh's resources dried up, leaving him in a desperate situation. The agony of his spinal injury intensified, echoing the pain of his mother's illness.

Yet, amidst the darkness, Saleh found the courage to reach out. He realized that asking for help was not a sign of weakness but a testament to his strength and resilience. With unwavering determination, Saleh sought support, refusing to let his circumstances define him.

In his quest for assistance, Saleh's story touched the hearts of many. Strangers and friends alike rallied behind him, offering their support in various forms. But despite the outpouring of compassion, Saleh's journey was far from over.

He knew that the road ahead would be filled with challenges, but he refused to lose sight of his dreams. With each donation received, Saleh's hope was reignited, fuelling his determination to overcome every obstacle in his path.

Through the generosity of others, Saleh found solace in the midst of his struggles. He was reminded that he was not alone in his journey, and that together, anything was possible.

This story illustrates the resilience and courage of someone facing adversity, while also highlighting the power of community and compassion in times of need.

With this money, I and my mother can receive treatment, as well as study, and find something to use for the rest of the money